Whilst it is normal for most people to experience some stress at work, excessive stress can be harmful. Stress doesn’t always need to be seen as bad. Stress can actually help you to be productive, to meet new challenges, to achieve goals and to stay focused. However, when work stress is interfering with your ability to do your job, to care for yourself, or manage your personal life, you need to reflect on the situation and make some changes. The workplace is often a place of increasing demands, uncertainties, difficult relationships and long hours. When stress at work becomes overwhelming it can cause damage to your mind and body and it can seriously interfere with your job satisfaction. Work stress is actually a major risk factor in causing depression, anxiety disorders and various health problems, such as heart disease.


Good stress management at work is critical to your overall wellbeing. It is important to recognise the symptoms of work stress and to do something about it. Beware of work stress spilling over into other areas of your life.

In therapy you can learn to understand the causes of your work stress and the impact it has on your life and wellbeing. You can’t control every aspect of your work environment, but it does not mean you are powerless. You can manage stress at work by understanding your own personality style, by utilising your own strengths, becoming aware of your own blind spots and developing your emotional intelligence. Therapy can offer you a space to look at the problem and to think of the best solutions that will work for you.

“Many times we are our worst enemy. If we could learn to conquer ourselves, then we will have a much easier time overcoming the obstacles that are in front of us”
Stephen Labossiere